Vulpius Chef KniveS

Vulpius Knives are all handmade from the absolute best materials this earth has to offer and out of a pure passion for creating the best and most beautiful knives possible.

Iron - Wenge - Copper

In our minds there are two ways to go in regards to iron, to get the best strength and to get the best sharpness. Nordic Damaskus Steel or a white paper steel core for sharpness, surrounded by layers of cladding steel for strength. We found that the best Damaskus steel is made right here in the North. Damasteel of Sweden. Making our Damaskus based knives a clean Scandinavien product. on the other hand, the best supplier of folded steel is, hands down, Japan. The choice of wood was not that hard as the magic between Wenge and Copper is what makes the look and feel of our knives different, warm, beautiful and in all modesty, outstanding. The Nordic Damaskus knives are made on demand and in collaboration with the end user. You decide shape and patterns for your knives.